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Role of Indian Mass Media In Mass Communication

  • Main task of mass communication in India is to spread information up to the maximum limit. India is still not that much technical sound that other countries are.
  • In India there are so many person are illiterate so one of the role is to give primary education.
  • In India mass communication in the field of audio visual has to play a very big role.
  • A very important work of mass communication is to provide entertainment with use if mass media.
  • There are so many tribal communities in India, and Indian people are not aware of it. So it is the work in the field if mass communication to promote the culture of these community with Indian culture.
  • Thus, mass communication is a very big term these were the some of the basics of it. But still it has to play a very big role in Indian society.
  • In India communication has a historical background but now is the time to spread that background to mass with the use of mass media like T.V., radio, films, news and etc, there are so many other mass communication tools to be found and used in proper term.
  • But in very simple term if we want to say than mass communication is any kind of communication with the help of technological tool to the large audience. And its main function is to spread information to mass. Its main limitation is that the feedback speed is very slow and sometimes due to it becomes one way communication though its two way.

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Source : Economic Times

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Before going into talk about education, we have to understand the structure of India, its population and the mixture of culture of it. After then we can come into conclusion that how the structure of the education is built of after independence. So first of all we will go into all these detail and then come to the topics for which we are sitting for the discussion.

• The government rejected the bill quoting that it lacks resources to fund the bill which we feel is unreasonable since the budget for the bill is estimated to be Rs 4, 36,000 cr.


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