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Out of the realm of interpersonal communication exist from of communication which involves communication with mass audience and that’s why it is called mass communication, and the channel through which this kind of communications take place is called mass communication. Both mass communication and mass media are generally considered same for the sake of convenience. Mass communication is unique and different from other types of communication.

So in very simple term definition of mass communication is,

“Any mechanical device that multiplies message and it takes to large number

of people simultaneously is called mass communication.”

The media through which massage been transmitted includes T.V., Radio, newspaper, magazines, films, records, taps, video cassette etc. and require large organization devise to put across the message.

Looking at the definition, it is clear that mass communication is a special kind of communication in which the nature of the audience and the feedback is different from that of interpersonal communication.

As per the definition there two most important component of mass communication and they are,

1. Audience:

Whosoever in the recipient of mass communication content constitutes its audience. A large audience means that that the receivers are masses of people not assemble in single place. It may come in different size depending upon the media through which the message is sent.

2. Feedback:

As compared to interpersonal communication feedback in mass communication is slow and weak, it is not instant or direct as in face to face exchange and is invariably delayed. Feedback in mass communication is rather a cumulative response which the source gets after a considerable gap in time. It is often expressed in quantitative terms. In all such cases, considerable time and money are required to process the feedback received from audience.


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